Heaven and Hell


We have all heard these words many times. I beIeve my incredible wonderful wife is in heaven and hell is where I am now. I feel that I have been put on death row and am now sentenced to and subjected to an awful existance and a life of hell for how long I know not. My wife, that I'll always cherish has been taken away from me. Nobody in a million years could ever see this coming. It shows if nothing else the depth of love we all have for our partners.

'til we are reunited again for eternity,

God bless

Thanks Bristles A very bad night and morning in my thoughts Adele x

God willing we will all eventually go to heaven, we don't go to hell, it came to us and knocked on our door.

It sure did and took my soulmate my smile my life my purpose away for being around I keep reliving those days in the chapel of rest I just want him in my arms Bristles im on agony x

Hang in there Ade, your in my thoughts B xx

I'm presuming heaven is a bit like Nirvana, a state of mind. I'm very fortunate as I visit Nirvana often. I just believe my wife is dead. I'm a humanist and so I don't really have much to do with any gods.
I've often wondered if my simple views have made it much easier to understand things and move towards an acceptance.
My wife was a committed Christian and so I did the decent thing and went through all that entailed. I have several friends, many of whom have different religious beliefs and different faiths. I can accommodate all of that.
The thing about being a humanist is that I've nothing to preach about, no views to impose on anyone else.

My wife is not dead, only in body. she is very much alive in my heart and always will be.

I'm hoping I can keep strong and vivid memories "alive" in my mind. Fortunately today's technology, and future developments, mean that shouldn't be too difficult. It must have been so difficult for past generations.

What do you mean Jonathan? x

Well Yorkshire Lad I am inclined to think that past generations were fortunate NOT to have so much technology in their lives although I must admit to heartfelt thanks for the invention of the camera as looking at photographs of Barry (which I talk to every day) gives me much comfort. Those for whom we grieve live on in our hearts and that is true for time immorial .
Take care everyone...it's a long weekend! x