Loss of my husband

Finding it very hard lost my husband last June weekend s are the worst no children so very much on my own except for 6 month old puppy which has really helped me she keeps me busy

I have just my husband after 51yrs together and my heart is hurting and can’t stop crying I really feel I can’t go on without him

Hi Julie I am so sorry for your loss. I also was married 51 years and lost him just over 2 years ago, It is so hard this journey of grief. The more you grieve the more you loved him, We used to say that when one of us passed that we will still love each other. I think I love him even more as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. You learn to live beside the grief, I hope you have a family or friends to support you. We have a wonderful family and I don"t know what I would do without them, But of course they are grieving too but this forum has been so much help and knowing that we are not alone really helps, Love and hugs to you. xx Carol. xx

Thank you for your reply, I have 2children and 5 grandchildren, I must remember that they are grieving also but I don’t think it’s the same grief as you feel for your life partner.

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My husband of 52 years died of a stroke 4 weeks ago. He was always so full of life. His death was a terrible shock. I don't know how I will be able to live without him . I'm so sorry that you are suffering too. It may sound naive but I never had any idea of the despair and intensity of the pain