Loss of my husband


Dearest juliel29 Like you Dave and I spent a lot of time together. Dave loved to socialise so I have lots of friends and family but even when I am out having a meal with friends or family I still feel very lonely, as Dave would be making everyone laugh or just making sure I was alright. The only thing we can do is manage each day and keep busy as possible trying to do things we never would have done before as nothing can be worst then losing our life long friend and partner Lots of Hugs xxx

Hi All
very sorry that you are going through this painful journey as well.
Today is a very bad day one of those when the water falls doesnt stop regardless of what i do. I want to have my darling back and have my life back.
It has been the longest 3 months of my life and at the same my life stop 3 months ago.
I also havw friends and family visiting but feeling lonely all the same all the time.

Motivation and self confidence...nil.... the loss of my dearest and loving husband has been the hardest thing and i am not sure how to survive without him by my side.
Thinking of all you you and hope you are not feeling as rotten as i do today.

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Dearest De Thank you for your kind words, like you every day is hard to get thru although we must carry on as I am sure Dave like your husband would not like us to give in. Today is a really bad day for me as I received the coroners report for my husband and he should not have died. So at the moment I relive the awful pain everyday as I a case going on with the hospital I have a advocate working on my behalf as I don't want to go for a solicitor because I feel the ward my Dave was on should be closed down. Lots of hugs We all will get thru this awful period of pain as we all manage the loss and going on living in their memory. lots of hugs xx

Dear Queenie. Very sorry its a bad day. I understand perfectly how yoh must feel.

I too received yesterday my husbands medical history and took courage to read some this afternoon, with my heart in my hands.
Same advocacy support as dont think i can go through the legal route. But need to know if he could have been a bit longer with me as i strongly believe to be the case. Its not going to bring him back.

Its all too much in addition to the pain we will always be carrying with us.

Went for a fast walk and i am glad the park was empty because i cried and spoke loud to my darling, asking to be with me and apologising.
Someone mentioned feaders and i found 3 small ones !!!! I miss him dearly...

A big hug xxx

Hi Julie. So sorry for your loss. I too met my husband when I was 15 and we married when I was 18. We'd been married for 49 years when he died in November last year from a brain tumour. I feel so lonely without him as he was my soul mate. I'm trying hard to cope and some days are better than others. It's worse when I'm alone in the house all day so I'm trying to get out as much as possible and when I am indoors putting the TV or radio on to try and focus on something else. Hope you can find ways to help you through as well. X

Thank you for your reply I too got married at 18. We had been married for 47yrs. I don’t want anyone to feel the grief I’m feeling but when I read the posts I understand that I’m not on my own I hope that doesn’t make me sound awful. Take carex