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I've just listened to it and I'm so glad I waited until nobody else was with me. It pushed my crumple button and maybe I wanted it to. It's been that sort of day.

I think we need to have a good cry occasionally - we do so much holding back. Our 'crumple button' doesn't take much pushing sometimes but I can't believe anyone in our position could stay dry eyed to that Enya track. She sings it so beautifully with the voice of an angel. Xx

One of the things about walking at a low level in the Lakes is it's busy, particularly on a weekend, and I had a lot of holding back today. So much that I have a sore throat.

On the same Enya album is "I could never say goodbye". Had a very similar effect on me.

Absolutely YorkshireLad - I've just bought the album.

I haven't been able to listen to music since my wife passed 7 weeks ago. But today I was driving back from a fare I dropped off at Stansted. I thought right grab the bull by the horns and listen. I put on Spotify and chose one of our songs from dirty dancing she's like the wind, needless to say I was in bits then I put on another of our songs all about you by mcfly. Absolutely done by then so I thought enough I'm to upset. So I turned of Spotify and went back to the radio and the song playing on the radio was she's like the wind. Our song playing again. I couldn't turn it off as I think Denise was saying it's OK to listen to music love. be sad if you want but don't stop listening. I think that's probably our best connection xxx

Musick hath charms to soothe a savage breast. (William Congreve)