I am just wondering what everybodies thoughts are about spirits and experiences they’ve where a spirit could have present. been If you believe in spirits, i feel it can be very comforting.

Hi Chlo. I believe my husband is with me all the time. I certainly feel his presence in our home but also when out and about. There is another chat entitled 'Signs' in the Life After Bereavement category, which may be of interest to you. Xx

Hi Chlo yes i personally believe our loved ones go on in another form,and have had many experiences ,since my husband passed in March this year,but also i experienced other signs after losing my mam and dad over 20 years ago,and i agree it does bring comfort x

I believe in spirits too. I've had several 'signs' from my Dad since he passed in May.

So do I . It doesn't make sense to live for 80 or so years and that's it. I believe our spirits live on after our earthly bodies pack up .

I'm setting off for a walk in Borrowdale in a few minutes. It's a walk we did many times together. It's special for that reason and I'm not sure why but I'm convinced that her memory and spirit will be with me. I'd love to think it was possible that it was even more than that.

I have believed in the spirit world since a small child when I saw my grandad after he passed away, always seeing signs in my path of various relatives who have passed. Seen my husband twice only as a fleeting image then on Wednesday I had an extra long shower, as I rinsed my hair and wiped the water from my face I saw him watching me, he was there for 5 or 6 seconds, it was a beautiful and calming feeling. I know he's always with me and sometimes I can feel him put his arms around me when I'm really very emotional. I talk to him all the time and ask him for guidance which comes in the form of thoughts, I know they're from him. The signs are there for us all and they can manifest when least expected. X

What a moving and eloquent post . Your final sentence sums it up..I get messages from my son Nick, not all the time , but often when I least expect it . I know he's got plenty of other things to do apart from.talking to me , as was the case when he was alive , so when he does get in touch, it's especially nice . Sceptics might say we feel like this because we want to, and yes of course we do , but there's much more to it than that . I have absolutely no doubt .

Hi love your post,it brings such comfort,i believe too and have had many signs from my husband,yes i think i am almost looking and wanting them too much,like you say when least expected seems to be right,i will try to be more patient x

'Know what you mean .Of course it can never be the same as when they were here , but I've had enough signs to convince myself I'm not imagining it / going mad and even though I don't get them as much as I'd like (ie all the time☺) knowing Nick pops by sometimes and is aware that his dad needs the odd sign /visit to keep the old codger happy , is very comforting, as you say . Glad it's having the same effect for you .