Dear Edwin. What a lengthy post, I'm so glad you didn't abandon it as you are wont to do. I would choose to believe they are signs from your loved one. Actually even if you do become prone to reading something into it that it isn't, if it brings you some comfort, what does it matter? I keep seeing case with registration plates with my husband's initials. Now there's probably hundreds of these about but I choose to believe they are David - they always appear at opportune moments, like he's watching over me or sometimes even teasing me. Then I laugh and have a bit of banter with him. I hope you keep noticing signs Edwin. Xx

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That should read cars with registration plates - grrrrr!

Stevie asked a few posts back about belief in God and spiritualism.
Any foray into religion in a forum is potentially dodgy, so I’ll tread with great care.
I suppose that if you are conventionally religious then you will believe in the supernatural. On the other hand, Rationalists (to use an all enveloping term) will only believe in scientific laws.
Now, here’s a thing - ex nihilo Neil fit. (Out of nothing, nothing can come.) The quote goes back to the Ancient philosophers, but it encapsulates the physical law of conservation of mass.
The universe was created, either by Godly means or physical scientific means, but out of what ? Nobody can answer that one, and so we must accept that whatever it was does not obey the laws of physics. In other words, beyond nature, as we know it, or to use another word, supernatural. So we have to allow for the supernatural, and if we do that the we must allow of some fundamental power beyond the laws of science. And if we accept that, as it seems to me that we must, then scientific criticism of “the supernatural” has no foundation.
I have overthought myself in reaching this point, so I’ll leave it for now. I ain’t going to read through this before posting, as if I do, it will be added to my list of abandoned posts.

*ex nihilo nihil fit

Blinkin’ autocorrect !

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Whoa, easy Edwin!

Yes, maybe the attic hatch hit me on the head !

What a pity autocorrect didn’t say “cats with registration plates with my husbands initials”

That would be a sign and a half !

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That made me laugh out loud...

My new profile photo is dear Eileen, taken in Oman in early 1996 when we lived there, for renewal of her consular passport. She was 51 then.
God, how I miss her. Lovely in every possible way.

I don't think we can argue with the fact that it's all in the mind.
The big question is Why.
Why are some people more susceptible to the power of suggestion than others. Or are we all equally susceptible but to different things.
I've some very peculiar beliefs.
Does age and experience make us more susceptible.
Obviously authors of books on belief systems are likely to be a source of influence. Megalomaniac, the odd dictator, various prominent people in history.
I think Edwin's resume as to the universe is just a bit too taxing for me. My mind stops part way through and shuts down when thinking of size, scope and history of the universe. I can't think of a bigger question.
Unfortunately Mr Darwin didn't have an answer.