My lovely George and I had a conversation about the universe once, and I remember him saying that the human mind can not fathom the vastness of it and even if you did get to the end of the universe and there was a brick wall, what is on the other side of that wall? There is a kind of logic there I think?? I just really hope that heaven is part of the universe and that our loved ones are waiting there for us, that is all that keeps me going at the moment!!

I'm not sure what the modern take is on heaven. I suspect there are others on here who may know more. I'd presumed it was a mental construx, like Nirvana, and I suspect it can be anything you want it to be and it appears to be a different thing to different faiths. Hopefully someone could give us a modern view from a religious perspective. Have we given up on Hell nowadays?

Personally I don't care as long as I see and speak to Denise again. If I don't believe that what's the point xx

That's the second big question, Stevie. Right up there with the one about the universe.

I suppose that's what faith really is.. Believing against all odds x

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Stevie, I can speak from experience and I know our loved ones are in the spirit world. I was 4 years old when I saw my grandfather, he'd passed away on my 4th birthday, 31st December 1954, and I can remember seeing him shortly after my great uncle Joe passed away in January 1955. I saw him again with my sister, shortly after she passed away aged.8 months in August 1955. Seen both my grandmothers when they have visited me from the spirit world
And the last words I spoke to Alan immediately before he passed away, was confirmed in a reading I had last November, the lady could not have known what I said to him. It was private between just Alan and myself.

All I shall say Stevie, is, believe in what you wish to, but look for signs to confirm that our loved ones continue to communicate with us.

I'm a logical person, not an impressionable person, I don't inflict my beliefs on others, not do I feel happy about others inflicting their beliefs on me. I am happy to tell others my own experiences and leave them to come to their own conclusions.

And I hope this is what I have been able to do here. Some read far too much into things that aren't readily explainable or things that go against religious beliefs. The spirit world isn't about religion, it is about individual beliefs, we all have. The freedom to believe in God, I do, and the freedom to believe in the spirit world, which I also believe in.

Blessings ☆

Hi just joining in. I have been surching for this topic. I so much like to see and or feel that my darling husband of 30 years and gone so quick less than 3 months ago is with me.

His departure took us both so by surprise and i would wish to know that he is ok.

You are giving me hope . Thank you. Every inch of my body, mind and emotion would look forward to the moment i hear/see a sign from who is my everyghing and miss dearly.

The beauty of it all is that it's there for everyone to experience,some will never believe it,some will never look,some don't have to look and it's spontaneous,some have had experience,but that's ok as it's there regardless of whether you are sceptical or a believer.Spirit works in amazing ways,everyday anything is possible.My experience of it all has left me with no doubt.xx

If the unexplainable happens then it seems reasonable to look for meaning. Often we just don't know the answers, sometimes we don't even know the questions. Maybe that's what distinguishes us from other species. Learning is a lifelong journey and I'm glad I still have that capability.

Yes i love to learn,i seem to be learning more as i,m getting older.Sometimes you understand without the need to ask the questions,the answer is given to you.That's why i have no doubt,three times this last year,iv'e seen things i never thought i could experience,and heard something never thought was possible.It amazes me.x