I'm not trying to be provocative but could it just be as simple as your brain has chosen to interpret things in a particular way, or do you have some sort of reference material that confirms an absolute truth. I'm just really interested in how susceptibility works and how and when particular things are "suggested" to us. I suppose, in effect, I'm asking why you interpret things in a particular way. Maybe it's a difficult question to answer. Sometimes we just"know" things to be true.

I was thinking about that the other day as I am currently reading a book on heaven and the afterlife in an attempt to reassure myself I will see my George again. My understanding is that, for example, a christian believes in God and follows the teachings of Christianity, and by leading that life his/her reward will be a place in heaven. Does that mean everyone else goes to hell? I could accept mass murderers etc going to hell, but what about the majority of people who are not actively religious but are generally good citizens and kind to others, where do they go? Do you think there are different levels of heaven and, if so,I hope I am on the same level as George? Am I thinking to deeply into all of this?

No that's fine,the three things i saw were not asked for,they were spontaneous fully awake,one i was reading at the time,the other two i was in bed just sitting ,they were seen by my eyes,i wasn't meditating or dozing ,and none of them were connected to my husband,so i wasn't longing for them to happen,they were just there in front of me,i did just know from what i saw.The voice i heard again a male voice as clear as day,very well spoken and spoke a few words,i was reading at the time,this is a first for me,i have had experiences of touch and sensing over the last 20 plus years ,never before have i heard a voice speak.Totally out of the blue,and took me by surprise.It is very difficult to answer as it's one of those "you would have to see it to believe it " experiences.
Yes i just know that's all i can say,but i'm pleased i do.x

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Thanks. I am grateful for that. I am particularly interested in the power of susceptibility. One case I have had a long standing interest in is a young lady called Jennet Device. In 1612 she gave evidence against her own family at just 9 years old. A special exception was made in her case.
It's a fascinating story and you are probably aware of it. Looking at it now it raises a lot of very interesting questions about all the people involved. There is a big part of relevant material relating to Catholic persecution and its role in why the case was heard.
I hope you weren't offended by my questions but your answers have given me more to think about.

No certainly not offended.
No i haven't read about this young girl but i will,sounds interesting x

Dear Robina
The sad thing is that they are gone from our lives and life wont be the same But i would do anything to see my darling again. I speak to him when no one is around, say hello and goodnight and i hope he can hear me! I hope.
What a comfort it would be if i hacve that experience

Thanks xxx

One side of my family claims descent, in some way, from John Paslew, last Abbot of Whalley who was executed after trial at Lancaster in 1537 for his part in the Pilgrimage of Grace. Before dying, he cursed a treacherous rival, Nicholas Demdike and his offspring. 75 years later Elizabeth Southerns aka Old Demdike, was one of those denounced by her own granddaughter, Jennet Device.

It's such a though provoking subject. But I'm absolutely sure that I have experienced signs, yes I do look and ask for them, but then if I didn't I would miss them. Probably 10 instances since Denise passed. Xx

I wonder if, as time moves on, the changes in our brain makes us more receptive to things as a means of perpetuating memory. I remember reading an article about victims of deep trauma and how brain function was changed as part of a therapeutic healing. It seems like the brain does protect us in the early stages of grief, just giving us what we can handle. As we live on, subtle changes are taking place and maybe there is more clarity in memory, or we want there to be. I'm frustrated in that I can remember fragments but not the whole. Some of the more recent memories of the difficult more recent times are less clear now 6 months has elapsed. I'm just thinking out loud but maybe for some people the need to interpret occurrences as signs or spiritual interventions is a response to the need to keep our loved ones close. I wonder how many people would pick up on it had it not been suggested. We are in a position where we are much more likely to be receptive and it's an obvious comfort blanket. I'm going to have a look through my large piles of magazines and books to see if there are parallels with other victims of trauma and what they may rely on to move forward. As it took a long time to get to sleep overnight my mind has been engaged in trying to remember what I've read about this. If only my brain had a decent filing system.

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I'm probably not the right person to try and answer this but I do have a question as to whether all Christians would think in exactly those terms. Also do Christians still think about Hell, the devil and eternal damnation. Are all Christians good and is that idea of goodness aligned to a common measurement.
For me I have no thought that there is a heaven, Eden, paradise, or whatever else describes a mythical place and there is no afterlife. Hopefully, for me, there is no Hell either. My wife is dead. The only way I will see her again is in a photograph. I will do my best to keep her memory alive in as many ways as I can think of and I will talk about her at every opportunity, and she will probably be in my thoughts often. They are all things I can do. I'm also trying to draw her portrait from photos. I've lost count of the attempts.
Going back to your questions, I think you are completely right to think what you want to believe without any need to justify that to anyone. It's all about you.