We all search for proof,i think whether sceptical or believers,none of us seem to just believe something because it is suggested,we still will search for our own view and have our own opinion of it all.Yes i agree we all want to keep our loved ones close,but iv'e always felt that to be truthful to oneself is the best way.I'm very sad,i suppose still vulnerable,and like everyone else yearn for the life i had back,but i don't interpret every sign as a sign from my loved ones,just to make myself feel more at ease.
Like mentioned on here before ,think it was Mrs Plummer,not every feather,bird,misplaced objects,cloud,are signs.A sign has to be noticed by the strangeness in which it is presented.Hope you don't mind me saying but your feathers in the house you found sound very much a sign,Edwin's "come on Eileen" playing was a sign and Stevie's dream was a visitation,they were all strange,and you all noticed something about them was different.
There would be no point in interpreting everything as signs ,as that would take away the truth from it all.
In grief ,i'm still not easily influenced,iv'e always retained my own opinions as we all do.So i'm not sure that our brain changes us much in that way,everything is stored in there but i don't think iv'e ever been able to pull out a memory,i really wanted to remember,when i needed to,regardless of my age.I think some of us have better recall of memory,than others.
Also to move forward i don't rely on Spirit giving me signs,i see them as gifts,given to show the connection has not ended,i understand,i still have to make a sense of my now different life here.Though i cannot deny what i have received has been a help to me here.x

Hello De
Your'e right life can never be the same,but you can still keep the connection,the love we have between us and our loved ones is the tie that binds.I believe our loved ones can see us and hear us anytime they wish to,it's a shame here it doe'sn't work that way.Oh it would be wonderful,but then we would not get on with our lives here which is really what we are meant to do,as hard as it is.
I speak to my husband too,sometimes out loud ,a lot of the time in thought,so they can hear you if you just think what you are saying in your head.Means you can speak to them when your'e out and about without anyone looking strangely at you.
Iv'e never seen my husband yet and i say yet as i say everyday anything is possible,i did have a glimpse of him in my mind's eye once but that could have been my own thought.
Keep talking to him De and your other loved ones you have lost,i have always and still do talk to my mum,dad and brother too,iv'e never stopped,the connection has been ongoing for over 20 years.xx

In reply to Edwin

It's an interesting story and difficult to determine where facts end and fiction begins. If I remember correctly it was Bess Demdike and child that were cursed by Paslew, and that Nicholas was actually really a previous abbot that Paslew believed to be dead and he had conspired against him some time earlier.
There were a lot of Demdikes in Pendle. It's an area I visit quite frequently and it is almost like stepping into another world.
The story is that just before execution Paslow was stabbed to death.

I read the story of the young child Jennet Device,seems she was instructed by those adults around her to reach conviction of her family,very sad,also found a possible later story that she came to the same fate as an adult when a young boy 10 yrs Edmund Robinson identified her as a witch,though not proven whether she resided the rest of her life locked up in prison or not.
Thought crossed my mind that thank goodness times have changed where you can and have the right to your personal beliefs,or i may have found myself enduring the same fate,back in the days.Anything classed as unbelievable was stamped on firmly and removed.Yet i still realise even today that i cannot speak of what i understand to be true with certain people i have come across,as i am seen as strange and realise that uncomfortable feeling to keep quiet.I do keep my belief in Spirit quiet most of the time as it's enough for myself to know although i am certainly not embarrassed by it,just know it's wrong to expect others to think like i do.
I love the fact we are all different makes things so much more interesting. x

In reply to robina

I agree Robina, there is only a few people I can talk to about the afterlife etc. It feels quite refreshing to come on this forum and speak openly without judgement. X

I think it's got a bit of kudos being seen as a White Witch. Not sure what you would need to do but I imagine it could be quite lucrative somewhere like Glastonbury. I remember walking around the town and nearly every window had a sign advertising various spiritual activity for a fee.
People are maybe a bit more receptive of "alternative" thinking there. Maybe Hebden Bridge is similar.

I had a strange dream last night. I was kneeling in front of Denise telling her it was just a huge mistake, I was holding her hand and reading from a diary telling her how upset I had been.
If only xx

Hi Kate
Yes it is refreshing,nice sometimes to speak about it,i get a lot of comfort from it as i'm sure you do too,it's so lovely i like to share it sometimes but i understand people can take what they wish from it,or nothing at all,and someone else might get a bit comfort from hearing it too.
I'm grateful my daughters have had there own experiences so they understand my thoughts on it,so i can share with them.
I think there are actually more believers than we could know,as just in my local area ,iv'e had quite a few steer the conversation to what they have seen,without any mention from me,my next door neighbour,s husband passed many years ago,and she experienced so much,and she has seen Spirit herself with witnesses who saw also,in her place of work.She is a very down to earth lady ,and she has told me many things over the time,how she carried on after her husband passed,she is a strong lady.
Also some people are so kind,an older gentleman who had known my husband over the years ,knocked on my door some months ago,he presented me with a photo of Jesus,in a lovely wooden frame,i was puzzled until he told me why,this man had been at a very low time in his life ,when he was young,he was in tears on his knees.He then told me a light filled the room and he was very frightened,and yes he said Jesus appeared in front of him and spoke to him.This was many many years ago,and he has carried that with him all through his life,it gave him the strength to carry on living.He prints out the photos of exactly how he saw him,then puts them in a frame and gives them to people whom he thinks are in need of comfort.
I have no reason to disbelieve this lovely man,he is a very sincere person and i have kept his lovely gift.
This life is so strange is'nt it,full of possibilities.xx

Dear Robina

I too agree with you and Kate that it is refreshing to be able to talk about anything, whether you believe or want to believe or not, without the worries to be sent to the Tower that could easily be called now NHS. Charles talks to his plants and trees I think the Robin is saying hi, like a comfort blanket. I would find so much peace knowing that my departure loved ones are ok and that my darling has met his loving dad, my mum & dad and brother, wherever they are and then looking after me and our families. I think " you are only dead when no one remembers you". I am just in such a pain that I am struggling to believe my darling is gone and only have to remember him... rather than holding his hand having his cuddles and be next to him.

So lets think of them in any way shape of form is suits each one of us. But, I look forward the day I have that connection so I would feel that I am not entirely on my own and start to believe that life on earth is just part of a long journey.

De xx

hope it makes sense what I am writing, I am all over the place today.

Hi Stevie, it is just over 10 weeks since George left, and I have not yet dreamed about him at all. When he was alive he often was in my dreams but now I very rarely seem to dream anything and especially not about George. Oh how I would love it all to be a mistake and to wake up from this nightmare and be with the man I love. I also do not like this snappy, intolerant person I have become who just exists. This time last year we were so happy, but now ..............