Hi ...When my son died I have kept his mobile in my handbag not to use but just because it was part of him.....Yesterday morning I phoned my husband on our home landline phone there was no reply but a few minutes later Christian's mobile (in my handbag) started to ring it was my husband ,when I asked him why he was phoning on Chris's mobile he said that was the number which came through on his phone..what made it more surreal it was only that morning that I had asked for Christian to send me a sign to let me know he was still with us...I so want to believe and it would be nice to know what others think ...Marina xx

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Makes perfect sense. Sorry I can't elaborate, I'm watching Six Nations Rugby. Being Welsh... it's crucial ☆

Hi Marina m2
Though this has not happened to me,i have known people who have experienced this,where their loved ones number has come up on their phone screen,but if you pick up you will not hear them.My daughter was having a conversation about her Dad who has passed and her Home phone rang only once,she did not get to the phone in time,and when she checked who had rang,there was no trace of the call ringing ,these calls are never traced and dont come up on any phone records.
Interesting you had asked for a sign from your lovely Son.My personal belief is that this is possible .,Did you check your son's mobile for any record of the call made to your home phone,as that was the number your husband saw.?As it probably would not have a record of the call.I am a believer in Spirit so i would have no doubt your lovely Son will send you signs.I hope you receive many more xx

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I agree with you De. Let's remember them in any form we can. I had a Robin watching me on our allotment, then it happened again this week.It landed very near and watched me. I talked to it, just in case. Today one came right up to me as I stood in the cemetery talking to Brian. I like to believe so I called out to it.
I have had many other things happen which I believe is him making contact. Some might just be wishful thinking others I know for certain. But this week there was something that is more comical. When we got married we had separate bank accounts and never had anything to do with each others money. We was both good with money. We trusted each other though. He was always checking his bank account, it drove me mad. When he passed away his card was put in my name but I couldn't bring myself to use it. This week I decided to give it a try. It wouldn't work, I tried it a number of times and took it to the bank. They could find nothing wrong, Pin number correct, funds. A few times they tried to unlock it but no good, So it has to be done somewhere else. I said that it was my husband stopping me from using it. The cashier said that he had left me his money. I said "Yes but he doesn't want me to use it" I came out of the bank laughing. I could imagine him being worried about me having his card, he still wanted to be in control of his funds. .

Hello Stevie.I have had a few dreams with Brian in them but not too clear, except for one. My husband had opened a case and was about ten metres away from me. He was pointing to the case and I was telling my grandson about it. I went into the loft to sort out the mounds of stuff up there and was looking for a case. At the last minute I saw one underneath other things. I pulled it out and downstairs had to break the locks open with a hammer, inside I found years of things that my husband had kept. Marriage certificate, divorce papers from his previous marriage, photographs of him with women when a young man. So much. It broke my heart but I incinerated most of it. It was his past but I didn't want any of it. But I do think he had given me permission to sort it out. I wish he had done it himself though. Last night I had another weird dream. We was running up a hill trying to catch a scrawny little black puppy. Does this mean he is sending me another rescue dog. I already have two of them, I suppose another one won't matter.

Dear Pattidot
You made me smile with the bank issue. I am still waiting for a sign from my darling to know he is with me and thst he is ok.
Take care
De xxx

Hi a bit late but hope you enjoyed the Rugby which ever the results.

I agree...religion for me doesn't even come in to it..your heart knows .

I,m so envious I talk to Pat everyday,he passed in December ,I am desperate for signs,it's becoming an obsession,do you think he is annayed with me or worse scared of where he is

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Morning Cavan,

Sometmes we try too hard, it is difficult not to, your husband will send subtle signs when you're ready to receive them.

It can be in the form of some item you'd been searching for them fur it yo appear in a place you'd searched many times. Some thing you d
Know you put in particular place only for it to appear somewhere else. I came across a photograph the other day, taken in 1998 on holiday. I don't recall ever seeing it before, but must have just looked through the pack of photos when they came back from the developers, put them away and forgot about them, I wasn't even looking for photos, I was just sorting through a box of things from the spare room ready to throw away. I'd been thinking about Alan more than usual that day and was missing him more and more. These signs can happen when you least expect them to. But do continue talking to your husband.

I started a journal 31st October and write in it practically every night, sometimes in the morning, I tell Alan all about my day, my feelings, everything, the thoughts I have as I write, to me they are interpreted as his responses, not every one thinks or feels this way, it is a personal choice .

I have mentioned The Afterlife of Billy Fingers to another person on here, it is written by his sister and about how he came back to communicate with her, Ieant it to one of my husbands relatives never to see it again, probably because I no longer needed it.

Hope I've not confused you too much, I do often take the scenic route when trying to describe something