Coming soon: Sneak peek at changes to your Online Community


We're currently hard at work updating the technology behind the Online Community site. We've planned our updates to reflect what you all want, based on our latest user survey and other feedback from you. We’re adding some new features that are intended to make it easier to find your way around the site, and see when someone has replied to you.

Thanks very much to all of those who have signed up to test the site in more detail. For the rest of you, I wanted to give you some idea of what changes we’re making. Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • Include emojis, pictures, bold text and more formatting in your posts
  • In-site notifications to make it easier to see when someone’s replied to you without checking your email
  • See which threads you have already read, and jump back to where your last-read post in a thread
  • Find your own old posts more easily
  • Save draft posts, so you don’t lose what you are writing
  • Tag other users to invite them to join a conversation

These are due to go live on the site in November.
The online bereavement counselling service is also being upgraded – if you are registered for counselling keep an eye out for an email with more information.

If you’ve got any comments or feedback, please let me know by replying to this post or by emailing me at

Hi. In saving draft posts would that include an 'Edit' button after posting? It so often happens that once posted we find, perhaps, some spelling errors or possibly something we may have written that we now think may be inappropriate. Just a thought.

Hi Jonathan,

Good question! Yes, you will also be able to edit your posts for a ten-minute window after posting.

The reason for the time limit is for reasons of transparency and moderation - for example, if a post is edited after it already has replies, then the replies might not make sense out of context. This is particularly important if there is a disagreement and the moderators need to get involved and look at what has been written.

However, hopefully the ten minute time window will at least be enough time to fix those annoying errors that we sometimes spot just after we post!

Ha, I always read through before posting Jonathan. That's me, as near perfect as you'll get. Ha, ha ;))

Hi. Kate. I know, I know, there's only you and me who are perfect. Of course we are! But in all modesty I can live with it!!!! (When we get Emojis it will be big grin).
I do go through posts after but still miss out on some things.
Hope all is well with you. Hugs.

I love emojis Jonathan, can't wait xx

I would like, when we receive private messages, for the messages to be at the top of the list and not have to scroll to the bottom as the box that states see message does not work.

I would appreciate a go back in and correct button...also a delete a post button...I appreciate we members cant have everything...

Meant to have added, i appreciate what your Sue Ryder forum has given us already, thank you...a platform to air our grief, sorrow, loneliness and whatever it takes to help mend our broken hearts...

In reply to Lonely

Hi Lonely, Yes the new site should solve that - it will be much better at remembering your place and taking you back to the first message you haven't read yet, both in forum conversations and private message threads.