Need some hugs and hope


Hugs and love to you all. Please let me know I am alone here x

Hello Moggles, here's a big hug and love, right back to you xx I'm sorry you are feeling too! I'm pleased you've sent a post because there's many of us who understand how difficult it is to live each day with a broken heart following the loss of a very dear loved one. Not having family or being apart from family can make it especially difficult, at this time of year. I hope to be able to look forward sometime in the near future...but it's too big a step for me right now. I'm just managing with day by day and that's hard enough. I don't know if you've been reading other posts these past few days because there seems to be a lot of us who are feeling down or not doing as well, as previously. Keep on posting Moggles, thinking of you, kind wishes, x

Thank you. Read some posts but they are hard to read. Hugs and love to you xxx

Hi Moggles, yes, I know what you mean. There are times when you just can't take on anybody else's've got enough to cope with yourself. In one of my posts earlier today, I explained how this forum has become part of my daily routine. I have a need to not only tell our story (mine and my beloved husband) but to receive advice, support and comfort from others who understand, as well...that's missing from my home life.
Just hope you also feel that you have support and a listening

Hi Moggles321
You arent alone,plenty on here to talk too,hugs back to you and i hope you find some comfort from this site x

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Hello Moggles
You are never alone on here. There are many wanting hugs and comfort too so you are not alone. Hugs x

Thank you. Hugs to all from me xx

Hi everyone I’m new to here and this but badly in need of kindred spirits. I am still utterly lost because of the loss of my dear dad 18 years ago.

Hugs xxx

Hello everyone, I’ve only just joined after losing my daughter you’re right we are kindred spirits also everyone is very kind on here you are in my prayers God bless x