Does daily life get any easier!?


I would like to say it gets easier and give you some hope but I still haven’t found that to be true, just concentrate on the things you have that are important and put any energy into that, I have a 6 month old baby who will never get to meet her daddy some days she does things that make my heart melt but it’s taken over by the sadness that one day she will learn that she will never have her dad. Best wishes to you stay strong xx

Hi Laura. So sorry about your baby. It's hard to get past the sadness at the moment I find. X

Hello Lilypetal
It's 11 months since my husband passed,and i still have that sadness,the tears don't flow as much as they did,however i always feel they could easily resurface depending on where i am or what i am doing.I don't feel that it has eased much,some days i can be stronger and smile,so as others have mentioned,it's forward little steps,and back little steps.I think in my opinion Lilypetal,it's finding some comfort in each day,whether that's a walk or cuppa or reading a book that gives you some slight relief if only for a short while.I'm not good with distraction as i still have my hubby on my mind,when i'm trying to be distracted so iv'e given up doing things for the sake of it,just to keep busy as it doesn't work for me.Some times i just want to sit and think things out,other times i feel like sorting the pots and plants in the yard out ,so i do things when i feel i can,i don't really push myself into it,everybody's different and different things work for some.It's a slow journey and i think as it goes on hopefully the days will be filled with more smiles and interest,without having to distract ourselves,it will happen naturally.Take care xx

I think we just accept we will always carry that sadness and it will shape who we are.
I can think of several people I know that have been shaped by sadness and they have each found a way to live forward. We are the product of our experiences and it is difficult to diminish that. As I read somewhere recently..... We are all in the process of becoming. We don't stand still.

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Hi. Thanks robin. I still have more bad days than good. Can't seem to move forward. 5 months and nothing can comfort me. Thinking of the good times upsets me, photos upset me, can't find any comfort anywhere. I have been for a couple of walks on my own and my family have been very good. Just can't believe I am worse now than before. I will be Glad when the warmer weather comes and can get in the garden. Thanks. Hope you are ok. Xx

My darling left me 19th February last year. It’s so difficult.

Hi Lilypetal
I'm pleased you have good family support.I understand it is very hard to find things to give comfort,when all we really can think about is the one we love.I wouldn't be too concerned about feeling worse now than before,i did the same,got to around 5/6 months since my husband passed and found a deep overwhelming weight of sadness back again.I'm at 11 months now and cannot say it's easier ,just managing to keep my mood a little higher these past few weeks.I think i'm trying to keep my thoughts in a better place as often as i can,but i have days where little helps and concentration lacks,these are my days when i stare ,think,stare out of the window some more,and realise later in the day that iv'e done very little.I live one day at a time,that's how it works for me,I do smile more now,but i understand the tears could flow whenever,as grief just doesn't like to let you out of it's sight for too long.
Yes the sunshine and lighter evenings ,seems to help,i like to sit and have a cuppa out on the chair,and watch the birds,while playing my classic fm.
Yes these winter evenings are long, like yourself I will be glad to see them pass.Take care xx

I mirror your comments, Lilypetal.
5 months (and 5 days), finding memories of the many good times very painful as I know I’ll never experience anything like that again.
Family doing what they can, but have their own lives to be getting on with.
Feeling worse by the day.
I was looking forward to the longer days. Today was clear and sunny, and I went for our afternoon/evening walk a bit earlier. It was like an early spring day, we were in an isolated part of the Plain, and I got back to the dogmobile about ten minutes after sunset. It didn’t really help - just as those memories of good times had an opposite effect, so this pseudo-Spring day just made me miss the happy, sunny days of yore.

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Hi Laura18
I lost my husband Keith 10 months ago and some days are easier than others.
Today being Valentine’s Day is a less easier day, as we always gave each other a card and a token sort of present, so this is another first of things to deal with through the first year.
As others have put ‘being in a fog and then a mist’ and writing in a journal etc I can associate with totally. I talk to Keith’s photo all the time as if he were still here, to me he still is. I tell him bye when going to work and hello when I’m home.
At the moment I feel a bit numb and in limbo. Probably not the best way of describing it. I don’t know if it’s just another phase you have to get through or if it’s because I’m off work for a week using up my annual leave, on my own but I know I’ll get through it again, as with everything we all now have to deal with.
There are things I am happy about having accomplished since Keith has been gone - finishing our back garden revamp, getting someone in to do it that is. The gardens still need to be tidied and work to be done through the year which I’ve done on my own now.
As I’ve said before, I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and get through each day the best way I can. The worst thing ever has happened to us all, it can only get easier in time is what I tell myself.
Sending you much love
Dolly Dimple xx

It’s such a hard question to answer. I lost my mum 4 years ago today and I’m still riddled with heart break and grief. For me personally it’s worse now. I have 2 young daughter and also my younger brother and my dad that I’ve rallied around for.... and bang recently it’s hut me like a ton of bricks that she’s not actually here anymore. I can’t sleep and just feel dreadful. It’s so hard because everyone thinks after 4 years I’m fine. I’m really not. That’s why I’ve tecently joined this group. I just don’t see how I’m ever going to cope without her xxx