Morning & Night


Thought this would be a nice thread where one can say good morning and good night. As many on here have expressed that they are now alone, you are NOT alone, so say good night or good morning, this gives some social contact at the loneliest times.

Another day over with, tomorrow a new day a new challenge, Good night to all, may your dreams be of lovely memories and your snores be few. X

Good morning all,today I have woken up in a doing mood. This may last hopefully until I leave the house! Decided today I will achieve one thing off my list before grief brain kicks in. X

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Thankyou Silverlady nice idea that is one of the things you miss when you lose your partner ,wife, husband even if its that I'm not awake yet grunt.
For people like me who are left on their own good night or good morning or even small talk by whatever means text,e-mail etc means quite a lot, I sometimes seem to go days without any type of conversation,when you go shopping I think some of the women on the checkout are trained like a computer,press button 1 to say hello press 2 to say thankyou and 3 without saying a word leave you to pack you r bags ,pay before they start seeing to the next customer.
Taking my little dog down the park does draw some response from some people some haven't the time to just say hello elderly people do some younger people perhaps think 70 year old man with a maniac dog isn't worth saying hello to,but it does help on days when you don't have anyone to talk to.
Sorry forgot to say GOOD MORNING Silverlady.
Kind regards MM69

Good Morning x (close your eyes I'm in my Jim jams!) yes simple human interaction helps. A morning or hello helps, I agree, I work but the weekends omg so lonely but I make a point of getting out shopping walking my dog, I have been surprised by the activities in my village (hubby never liked to mingle) unfortunately I work so miss a lot but started to attend things again just for human contact. Keep saying hello to people sweetie it only takes one to respond to brighten the day. X

See 7am already I have had contact and it made me feel better. X

It is hard wishing a good morning to the bereaved ( because it will never be a good morning ) but i wish you all for a better day than the day before as we battle another lonely day without our loved ones...I also give prayers that each and every day we find the strength to get stronger in getting through our now empty and lonelier life...also i give prayers to our God in taking care of our loved ones as we cannot do this ourselves...oh how i wish we could...


Prayer for us, our Bereaved...

God of love and mercy,
embrace all those
who's hearts today
overflow with grief,
unanswered questions
and such a sense of loss.
Grant us space
to express our tears.
Hold us close
through the coming days.

Morning has broken Silverlady, thank you for your lovely greeting this morning, means the world to me. Hoping everyone can make someone’s day today, just a moment of thoughtfulness or kindness. We can make a difference as we are so strong together through caring and love...we give and we receive, xx

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Morning Jackie, well I personally prefer to say good morning because that is my mindset but i appreciate it that not all people are there yet. I dont want to say have a better day because that implies that every day is going to be bad, for me its not, its not nice but i am getting to the stage where i want to try and be more positive and try and make other people feel a little bit better about the coming day and to let them know that at night when it is worse ( for me) to let them know that someone out there knows their pain. So Im sorry if this post offends but I do feel that this thread is not the right place to be negative its a thread where I hoped people would find comfort in knowing that the day may be a little bit better by a shred of human contact and comfort. Good morning Rainbow i agree with your sentiments. x