Will i ever have a full night's sleep again?


I did take them when I had postnatal depression after my youngest daughter was born not long after my father died and they did help so I might try them again
Thank you xxxxx

Dear Romy, I always believe in the herbal way before the medical way.


Sheila xx

Hi Romy, as we start to settle down for the night and hopefully a few hours sleep, I was wondering how you are and what kind of day you have had. Kind thoughts for you and your lovely Mam, x

Dear Rainbow . You are very kind
I found last week absolutely terrible for some reason
The weekend has been half about but I have been a bit better today
I’m always better when I have stuff to do and I feel more productive
That doesn’t mean that I feel happy in anyway but I usually don’t feel as depressed
I still can’t get my head around the fact that Mark has gone
I was cleaning my teeth now for bed and thinking how I used to love getting into bed with him to talk about what we had done that day and what we were going to do the next day and snuggle up to him and feel content
All such ordinary things that make life so fabulous...and it’s never going to happen again which makes me feel so sad for him and me
At least we knew love . Some people never get to experience it
I have a friend who is very ill with breast cancer who has been admitted to hospital today . She is only 46 . I am very worried for her and her family . She is being so brave and has been ill the past 18 months
When I heard she’d gone into hospital tonight it did make me cry because life seems so unfair for some people
I hope that you have been keeping as well as possible
My mum seems a bit better but like she says when you are in your nineties what can you expect . She has been so supportive of me and the girls these past 6 months . I think the trauma has taken it out of her . She loved my husband and relied on us both since my dad died 24 years ago . She keeps saying that my husband was too young . That I am too young but like I said my friend is really ill now and she is only 46 and my mums own mum died when she was only 28 and lots of children don’t even get to grow up . Life is tough
Anyway I am rambling now
I hope you get some nice sleep
Thank you again for thinking of me
Sending lots of love
Romy xxxxx

Dear Romy, sometimes there's just no words that can come close enough to saying what we mean. My heart is saddened by your news tonight...please know that I care and send you strength to keep walking on, sleep well lovely lady, x

You are very kind
Thank you xxxxx