Will i ever have a full night's sleep again?


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How sweet you are Rainbow, I'm flattered. I am in no doubt that you are doing right by your husband and that he is with you always. Your post made me smile and tear up, but in a good way. Sending love to you xx

Morning Kate, thanks for the love...sending some back to you today..maybe you'll be travelling to the cottage. We used to have favourite revisits to cottages around the Moray Firth and The Black Isle; dolphin watching was our entertainment. Have a peaceful time Kate, xx

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Thank you Rainbow. We're leaving around lunchtime. Really looking forward to walks on the beach with the wind blowing away the cobwebs. It can be quite exhilarating. The dogs always go a bit mad on the beach which is always fun to watch.
Take care Rainbow.
Much love xx

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We've stayed on the campsite near Chanonry Point several times during Scottish tours. I'm already making plans to visit next year. I going to buy a newer camper van as the one I've got is getting on a bit and then I think it will be life on the road visiting all my favourite places and lots of places I've never been. It's good to have a plan.

I can picture that campsite as if I'd been yesterday....watch out for the stray golf balls. There was a lovely little restaurant I'd have thoroughly recommended on the road in..but since changed hands. Rosemarkie is a pleasant stop off, it has a Fairy Glen. Always liked having a plan...just need to bide my time and get my anxiety level, more in control.

Maybe it's more of a dream than a plan. I like to get my maps out and imagine places I've been and try and picture those I haven't but Rosemarkie is right up there on the list. I think I still need a pretty big leap to get there but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It's funny to read about you, Rainbow and Crazy Kate visiting Fortrose, Rosemarkie and Chanonry - all about 10 miles away from where I live but I can't pluck up courage to revisit without Iain. If you haven't been recently you'll find it slightly changed with houses being built between the main road and the Lighthouse Point. I found even that was sad to see but we loved the beach at Rosemarkie.

I think men do sleep better than women but I've no idea why. Craving a good night's sleep is for me because for a while I'm not thinking constantly about the husband I've lost. I do fall asleep but nearly always wake early, anytime beween 3am and never later than 6am. The dark and cold then keep me awake. I think you are right about the light from phones etc and never use them just before trying to fall asleep.

Dear menessie, My husband died over four years ago and I still have not slept through the night. I am wondering if it is because I was his 24/7 carer for three years before he died and I was constantly listening for him calling me, even though we slept side by side, oxygen tanks and all.

The first year he died I head him calling my name every single night, I jumped out of bed, and then realised he was no longer there so sat and cried my eyes out.

I no longer hear him calling me but I still wake up in the night, go downstairs and have a drink of hot milk then go back to bed. I am not tired so what sleep I do have is enough for me.



Hi Menessie, I never realised how hard it would be to go back to 'our weekend or holiday places' without my husband. I can only ever see the two of us there; never on my own. So I'm going to have to wait a while before I make plans. Like YorkshireLad, I can dream..sitting at Chanonry for hours at a time..or going to the visitor Centre at Spey Bay to read the blackboard for the latest sighting. I know it may never happen...that's just the way it is, xx