Father died 29/03/19

I am struggling with numbness since my dad died last month, I cried in the first couple of days after and at the funeral but other than that it’s like I know he’s gone but I can’t feel it if that makes sense? I was very close to my dad and I don’t understand why I can’t feel anything, for the first two weeks I couldn’t even wrap my head around the fact that he was actually gone, it was a very sudden death with no warning (just as he would have wanted it, he would have hated to have ended up in a hospital. He was 73 and smoked and had high blood pressure so I knew he wasn’t going to live forever but it was still a massive shock. I just want to be able to feel it. I feel like I’m not grieving properly somehow.

Hello I had to reply to your message as it applies to me. My mum died after 10 years of dementia. I cared for her before she went in a home. We were best friends. I was with mum when she died and I initially had a big sob and after the funeral I did and then something came over me. I shut off I had absolutely no emotion good or bad and felt nothing. Numb. I envied people who were in floods of tears I wish I could ha e that release but it wouldn’t come. It worries me a lot but I had no energy left and felt completely spent. Other people would cry in front of me or sympathise and I stood blankly calmly thanking them and felt nothing. I am told it is all part of grief and the body’s way of coping. It’s a way of protecting ourselves. It just feels unnatural doesn’t it. I now find the second year into my grief that it is coming out more. I have sobbing or crying sessions on and off and feel very sad. I think I was afraid of my depth of grief and ran from it. Trouble is it came out in other ways I have awful anxiety now and panic easily. The numb stage will pass. Anger is another one to be prepared for. Sending you my best wishes. Hope I helped a bit.

Reading your posts I can relate to you both, Mum died about 18 months ago, I too felt numb, went to a bereavement support group, saw others crying and in distress while I felt numb and felt different from others. One day I started to write about Mum's death and then the tears flowed which was a relief. Now I feel a kind of depression, I go get through each day but don't feel I'm really living or enjoying anything and struggle to deal with pressure. I guess I need to be kind to myself, accept how I feel and that how I feel is ok. Thank you for you posts, I now realise I am not so different and it is ok. I hope you can both be kind to yourselves.

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Thank you so much, it helps to know I’m not alone, big hugs xx

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I’m so sorry for your loss, thank you for your words, it’s good to know I’m not alone, hugs xx