It cannot be true

Lost mummy December last year. Am in a total utter daze. It just cannot be true of course. 69! So difficult to comprehend how to live. No one understands of course . Anyone else with disbelief?

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Hi Epalz

I am sorry to read that you have lost your Mum so recently. Because December is very recent so I am not surprised you feel in such a daze. You may well still be suffering from shock, it can last months and certainly the whole situation may not feel real.

When I lost my Mum I walked around in a complete daze for at least six months. Over two years later and I cannot remember great big chunks of time. One thing that helped me were a couple of Mum’s friends. They understood and because they knew Mum I could talk to them about her. I know I was very lucky in them as they made a big difference to my coming to acceptance of what had happened.

Do please keep coming back here as there are lots of people who do understand. We all muddle through together on here somehow and in a way it is comforting.


I still feel disbelief 14months on from my father passing suddenly. This weekend my husband said that I wasn't coping well and should get some counselling, but oddly I feel I am coping too well..... How am I just carrying on? Doing normal things? It feels wrong. Best of luck.