My mum died on Christmas eve yesterday


My eyes are like taps I just can not turn them off. My older brother was my mum's constant carer for 20 years. I'm worried for him. The thing is the day she died the consultant seen my mum. I have a lot of questions to ask the ward my mum was on.


I am so very sorry you lost your mum yesterday. Try to take today an hour at a time. I lost my mum last year. I hope you and your brother are able to support each other. You must both be in shock. Take care of yourselves xx


I'm so sorry to ready your news. Losing your mum yesterday must be so hard for you. I lost my mum in May and JayDee is right to recommend taking things one hour at a time.

Reach out for help and don't expect too much of yourself. This forum is full of amazing people who understand and will be here for you. It certainly helps me.

Sending a hug
Ann xx

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thank you much. if I am like this now I am dreading the funeral.

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thank you so much. the funeral will be very upsetting for us.

So sorry for your loss. I’m going through it at the moment. There are no words to help I know that. Just be kind to yourself x

Thank you. Sorry for your loss.
apparently we have to take it one day at a time. There's no date for the funeral yet. Have you got a date set for yours?

So so sorry and I truly understand. My mum's funeral in Friday 4th January 2019 and at present I am so numb. I understand you wanting to ask questions and do so, write down your questions at the time they come into your head, revisit the questions. You will be very busy now and with the ache/pain you feel sometimes some questions fade. I wish strength at this time. Again my condolence.

I lost my mum on 28/12. We had a wonderful Xmas, literally the best in years and then bang this happened. Total shock.
Life feels empty, its like someone took a piece of heart and stamped it out. I keep looking at happy people on facebook and hating them for it, Ive forced myself to go outside everyday since and I look at other women shopping with their mums and choke up...
She lived abroad but we (my mum, dad not so much, but all the siblings were close, FaceTime, calls, facebook, what apps etc) she was here for a full year in 2016..
She was always hounding me to make more time for her and call more, because i have a busy job, 2 kids, life crap to do - I feel awful. Why didn't I just call her??
My mums funeral is abroad, its cost me and brother thousands to get us all there (Im not bothered about the cost/money) but the journey out is 35 hours as there are no direct flights...
People have been calling, texting, visiting and I just wanna tell them all to f**k off! How do you cope with this grief?

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Sorry for your loss. My mum died on Christmas eve. It's heart stopping. But we need to carry on for our children and they will help you through this.
Although time as stopped for us, life carries on regardless of our emotions and our grief. You just want to should at every one, hey I've lost my mum stop getting on with your lives!! But our grief is ours alone.
We have not got a date for my mum's funeral yet and I think that will hurt the most as its so final. Your mum will be remembered by you and will always be in your heart. Hold on to the memories of your mum. I am going to need diazepam on the day of the funeral as I know I will not cope.
Take care and stay strong for your children.
That is all you can do at the moment.
Take each day as it comes.