To be able to share


Yesterday there was a service of remembrance for the people we lost. I sat there and cried and cried
Then last night I had the most beautiful dream, Jack's head was on my tummy, one hand on my knee and I was touching his hair ! It was so loving , so caring and gentle!
He has come to me a few times - it made me so much calmer and at peace

I am glad I can share this with you
Sadie x

Oh Sadie that is lovely. Jack came to you. I had a dream about Brian two night's ago. I had asked him to come to me and in the vivid dream we was dancing to a slow tune. Holding each other close. Brian was no dancer but could manage a pretty good smooch, so like you I woke up feeling much happier. This is also not the first time Brian has come to me, so I do believe that he is still with me, just as he promised.

Pat xx

It is such a good feeling isn't it ?
I felt loved and at peace
S xxx

No dreams with my beloved...I thought there would be...maybe there will be...
I find it comforting that you ladies had dreams that comforted you...

Dear Heather, I hope one day you have beautiful dreams about your husband

A friend of told me that as we need to readjust our lives without our husbands, they also need to readjust because now they are a soul without a body
My friend told me to talk to Jack, saying although I am sad I will support him there, my love is there for him and I asked for him to do the same for me - and after few weeks I had dreams about him.

Also you may feel his presence at the most enexpcted time - so just wait and one day ....
Sadie xx

Hi Heather, I can confirm what Sadie has said. I talk to Brian constantly. If I'm sad I ask him to help, If I cry then I think of the tears as Brian reminding me that he's still around and that I am not to forget this. He has come to me when I have had a worry or even directed me to something that I have had no knowledge of and sure enough I find the item he's showed me in the dream. He even got a message to me about a change of where his ashes were to go. I had made the plans but changed them as he wanted. It's uncanny but so comforting.
Keep talking to your loved one and let him know he's very much still a part of your life, keep looking. He will show up.

Pat xx

Hi Pat , I just had another dream -
In this dream I heard the sound of TV downstairs - I went down , it was dark and I thought Jack came back early then I sat down on the sofa and his hand reached for mine. So loving but then I woke up and couldn't sleep anymore
Sadie xx

It's such a comfort isn't it. If I don't hear from Brian for a while I start to worry that he's forgotten me. I ask and even write to him asking him to visit and sure enough there he is again. Brian likes his peace and quiet and I chattered too much for him sometimes so I can imagine him raising his eyes at having to keep me happy once more. He can expect no peace from me though.

Pat xx

Haha! You are funny ! I am sure I also talked to much and jack would also roll his eyes!!!!
Hope you have a good day Pat
S xx

Dear Pat
I had another dream about Jack - in my dream I heard the tv on downstairs - I went down, it was dark and I said " Jack, I didn't know you were home " in the darkness I saw his hand reaching out and holding my hand - ahhh so comforting
Hope you are doing ok
Safie xx