Don't know how everyone else is feeling but I can guess. Getting through xmas is going to be hard. The Christmas tree is up but I feel so numb. I have 3 beautiful small grandchildren and 2 lovely daughters who are my reason for engaging in the festives. Myself and my late husband loved christmas and all the excitement again having children around, I sit here looking at the tree in all its glory and dread the big day without him xx

Hi Elaine know exactly how you feel,this is my first christmas after losing husband in March this year.I havent put a tree up,i have put a few christmas ornaments dotted about and a string of holly lights,and i put 3 robins in a plant in the kitchen,thats about it,like you i have daughters and grandchildren who visit,so have to muster up some cheer,i dont want to be grumpy nanna.I suppose we are all just going through the motions,because thats what seems to be expected,we sort of feel we have to.I think in my mind i will just treat it like another day,if thats possible,that way i might get through.Even the words Happy and Merry christmas just sound wrong.I received a christmas card from a lady who doesnt know i lost my husband so had both our names on,my heart sank ,no ones fault of course she didnt know.Take care Elaine,we all feel the same,thats for sure x

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Dear Elaine, I agree, getting through Christmas and New Year will be so difficult. We have to continue for the sake of our family and especially our grandchildren. I only have one grandson, he is 9 years old, he adored his Grandad, called him "Haha" because he was always telling jokes and making everyone laugh ~ he passed away in November 2017 ~ we all miss him terribly, he was a beautiful man.
I think I know how you are feeling, I feel the same way.
I will be thinking of you and everyone else who shares their sad feelings on this community website, it does help to know someone is listening and understands. I'm Elaine too.......
From one Elaine to another ~ Best wishes xx

Hi Elaine, I really dont know how Im going to get through Christmas. I cant bear to be in the shops with christmas music and cheery shop assistants when all I want to do is scream 'but Ive lost my husband!'.
I lost my Chris unexpectedly just 5 mths ago when he was only 48. He was a lovely family man who loved nothing more than being with us all. He has left such a void in our lives. We will be spending christmas day with my mum, his parents and sister with our children. It will be good to all be together as we would on Christmas but he wont be there. He was such a big personality amongst us and loved so dearly, I am so dreading the day. X

I haven't a clue what to expect this year. I'm going to Surrey for Christmas to stay with one of my daughters. I don't see much of her but I went down in October when she suffered a miscarriage. I have two southern granddaughters but the oldest will be with her father and his new wife this year. My five grandsons all live in Yorkshire. My wife died in August and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be away from home for the first time ever at Christmas. My youngest granddaughter is just 3 and she will be excited to see me. Apparently she talks about me a lot. I just hope the weather is decent and we can get out often. I think they may be long days.

Having a quiet Christmas just me and my 2 boys . My family understand that's what I want it's just another day to me. Even talking about Christmas upsets me. I miss him so much.
Christine x
Christine x

We went out last year for the first time for Xmas dinner we enjoyed it so I will go with the family this year just as well cause it was always my husband that cooked the xmas dinner I just helped he loved in the kitchen I will just be glad when it is all over really hope you can enjoy as much as you can with your family

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Life is so unfair isn't it

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Going through the motions is exactly it

Just think this time next month it will all be over...