Dream or real


While it's still fresh in my mind. I was asleep but I dreant my wife came in to my room got in to bed and said something that I can't remember. She cuddled me. I was scared at first but when I realised it was her I cuddled her back and asked her not to leave me. I've dreamt before but I physically felt her holding me. It was so real. I woke after she left, am I going mad has this happened to any of you. Xxx

How wonderful Stevie. I would love that to happen to me. Cherish it...xx

It felt so real Kate. I can't explain, I felt her arms around me, when I awoke I was so sad she had gone but so happy she had been xx

Hi Stevie thats beautiful,i dont know what your beliefs are,but it sounds like you had a visitation dream which is very real,i had one from my dad many years ago ,you never forget them,im so pleased for you xx

So vivid, and real. Xx

What a nice to happen I've had many dreams about James but nothing else .
Christine x

Dear Stevie,

Yes it has happened to me many times, but I am not asleep. I am laying awake as I had just been up to get a drink of water and use my eye drops. I feel the bed covers lift up and the mattress goes down and feel something at the back of me, I push my back into it and fall asleep. I have even put my hand behind me but there is nothing there but I still feel something against me. I am afraid of speaking or turning round to take a look in case it goes away. I am positive it is my Peter. The night he died, I went to bed and he came to me, and put his arms around me so tightly and I fell asleep. Many times I lay awake wishing for it to happen.

It is a wonderful experience.

Sheila xx

Well I'm hoping it's not the last time it happens x

So vivid, and real. Xx

It was real Stevie. And it won't be the last time, it's the easiest time when asleep, spirit can connect, your not distracted, and at peace. I've had a few experiences since my adorable wife passed nearly two years ago. They are with and around us at all times, keep an open mind, and think and feel the love... John.