Dream or real


It's a comfort, I've never been a believer but now I am seeing that it's happening. Problem is I get quite down waiting for things that don't seem to be happening xx

I’m not a believer but do keep an open mind. I would love a sign that my wife was ok and pain free now but have seen nothing. I’ll just have to look harder.

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They can be quite subtle in getting messages to you, communication with the spirit world comes through thought, also finding things in unusual places. Also watch for repetitive number sequences. An example recently, I have Alan's ashes in a beautifully engraved pewter urn and I moved it to a place I feel more at ease with, either side I had 2 lead crystal glasses, one us a sweet dish the other a small case, both bought 8 years ago from tiffanys in New York, on the Thursday, my sister was visiting and I was saying how I'd wished I'd got two sweet dishes so they'd match, tiffanys no longer sell this particular glassware, the following morning, when my daughter was dropping her pug, Winston off, she told me there was an identical dish for sale in EBay, I couldn't believe my luck, someone in Wisconsin was selling exactly what I wished for the day before. It arrived 6 days later, I know Alan had a hand in making this happen. Certainly mysterious ways and very comforting to know they remain close. I sincerely hope you have further encounters with your lovely wife, ☆

Interesting Day at a Time ,you posted at 18.18,as you mentioned repetitive numbers,I see a lot of triples 555 333 and lately 777.I agree they are subtle most of the time,I'm working on my meditation,trying to do a little each day.Only once have I heard a voice from the inner mind,it was male and spoke very clearly,on my right side,it wasn't my husband or any family member in spirit,it took me by surprise.It was amazing as it reinforced my beliefs,I think maybe a spirit guide,I'm still waiting and asking for clarification ,I have believed for many years around 29 years since losing dad then mam,but these last 10 months since husband passed I have strengthened my spiritual journey and it amazes me,and I feel blessed my mind is open to it all,like you say you just know xx

I get impatient too,but spirit don't have time like we do here,seconds,minutes ,days,weeks ,years,everything is now in spirit,that's why we feel like its months or years since we felt their signs or presence,to them its just like they left today.Try not to feel too down about it ,you will have more,your mind is open and you believe,just like you I would love signs everyday,but it's all amazing and we are blessed to have them xx

But what are they doing do they have a physical word can they feel do they still love us, so many questions x

Firstly the spiritual realm is all about love,and they certainly still love us,just as we still love them,they still wish to bring comfort and support.Yes there are so many questions and i won't know all the answers until i go,i think there are many things we are never allowed to know,our time here is for to live and do it the best we can.Spirit know we struggle,they hear and see it,and thats why we receive signs,for us to notice,but like already mentioned in some posts those signs could easily be missed as they are subtle and we are distracted and busy in our thoughts.The mind has to be relaxed and quiet,which i know myself is very hard to achieve in grief.I do meditation Stevie and it can help to quiet the mind.Don't know Stevie if you are interested but you could read books out there on near death experiences,a lot of info is actually amazing to read,experiences of people who came back ,it wasn't there time to go and they tell their experiences of the spirit realm,ordinary people ,but their experiences have changed their lives and how they think of life after we pass.There is a whole host of good sound information to explain some of the answers to your questions out there,so many different resources.But when you have your own experiences you will know.Your visitation dream from your lovely wife was amazing ,i read your post,hold onto that and you will receive more.Like i said we do have to be patient,as we are meant to live as well ,Spirit want us more than ever to keep going here.I know it's hard i miss my hubby,and i know you miss your wife,but hold on to the belief they are there.xx

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Angel numbers Joanne Sacred Scribes is a very informative website that I use quite a lot, the numerical interpretations are the most accurate I have ever witnessed, ☆

Thankyou, the only thing that keeps me going is the hope that I will see her again one day and that whenever I'm with the grandchildren she smiles thankyou xxx

Thank you Day at a Time,i will have a look at that website x