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Hi Day at a time. I have just looked at the angel number website you recommended. I must tell you this - when I visited a medium she told me that she kept getting the number 39. It didn't mean anything to me and I've continued to think about it. I've just looked at the number on the website and it said that 39 can also represent the numbers 12 and 3 (3+9=12, 1+2=3). My husband's birthday is 12th March. I had asked her for proof well surely that's it although she gave me lots more evidence. Am I grasping at straws? It's left me quite breathless. The medium said that it may take some time before I put some meaning to the number. Well it's taken more than 12 months but I think I've found it. Thank you, thank you. Xx

Thanks Robina for your info. I have a neighbour who is a spiritualist and what you have explained is what she has told me also. I look everyday for signs. My husband promised me and he never let me down. Last week I was walking with the dogs. I noticed the sun coming through the clouds. Nothings unusual about that except that it wasn't blinding me like it usually does. I could stare at it without being blinded. It sun was drawing me towards it, surrounding me. There was a cloud next to it and a face appeared. Not a clear face so I have no idea who it was. I walked towards the sun and cloud staring at them. Then I turned away for about ten seconds, when I turned and looked back the face was gone, no cloud either and sun had faded. Perhaps I am just living in hope but I don't care.

Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree or I'm so new to this I don't understand. But bless her heart my Denise was never great with numbers so I don't understand how or why she would use Angel numbers to communicate. Signs yes I'm sure I've had them, I'm not being synical I just don't understand, thankyou xx

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I am so so pleased you have found some confirmation andc was able to help, we keep saying 'them upstairs ' continue to send us messages, just a chance comment or remark can open so many doors. I am really very pleased for you. I use that website all the time. ☆ thank you for letting me know how you got on. Wonderful news ☆

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Our loved ones use what ever method of communicating with us is possible. If you ever get a sequence of numbers, a syncronicty or just an obscure number, take a look at that website and see if it helps you. My husband never believed in the spirit world, yet he's come back, and is forever giving me messages and signs. He even came through in a recent reading with medium, he stayed the whole session, this medium had no idea my husband had passed away, and there he was telling her that he didn't believe in any of it but I made him promise to come back. I do hope you find comfort in your visitations ☆ I always want to cling on to them for ever but it's not possible is it? ☆

Hi Pattidot
I read somewhere that it's not our job to look for signs but to notice them,so whenever you notice a sign,it has got your attention,and you know it's something out of the ordinary.Signs are very personal,our loved ones know us so well and the signs will reflect that connection.My husband knows i love robins,since he passed, over 10 months ago ,there has not been a week i haven't seen a robin in my path,so all through the four seasons iv'e seen them,last July on the 15th,it was our 36th wedding anniversary,the first one after he had passed,i asked for a special sign,and i was not dissapointed,that day i was out dog walking,and a bird flew alongside me very close and landed on a small bush next to me,i turned to look and it sat to one side with head down,like a statue,then it turned to me and looked ,it stared and stared,it was a robin,my gift from spirit.Clouds are lovely signs,you know what you saw,and you know when it's out of the ordinary.Hope is always good Pattidot,we need hope in our lives,and signs are real,just ask,think of your loved ones,be patient and you will receive more xx

I like your idea of distinguishing between looking and noticing. It's something that I can relate to in a slightly different context. I think that people who can ' see' are much more likely to be more creative and more capable of understanding than those that just ' look'. Its very relevant to such things as drawing ability, and, of course, it finds in well with mindfulness.
Have you read "Waking Up" by Sam Brooke. It's spirituality for atheists and I'm finding it very interesting. I also have had loads of encounters with robins recently but I think I always did. I admit to taking comfort if I think about it being a sign and I usually share my cake with them. Who knows how our atoms will be recycled.

I haven't read "Waking Up" but i am intrigued so i will do.Yes i think spirituality has such a broad meaning,it looks deeper into our values ,and like you mention,religion is seperate from it.When i notice the robin,i also notice if the circumstances where i see it is out of the ordinary,i have a robin that visits every day,but i don't see him as a sign,he comes to feed from the bird feeder.The robins that come to me when i leave home such as visiting my husbands,grave,my mam and dad and brothers' grave and recently my grandparents ,graves whom i had not visited for years due to being quite a distance away,the robin is there at each one ,sitting on headstones,they are in my path.It's not just me my daughters and grandsons frequently have them in their path too ,to notice,and very strangely my little grandaughter last week ,who is 4yrs,had a robin sitting tapping on the window outside the nursery she attends.She noticed it ,it got her attention.
Exactly it's the who knows that creates different thinking,nothing seems to be black and white.Unusual question to ask ,but did you know you and everyone born has a third eye?If someone had told me that years ago i would have thought they were making it up,but this past year with my growing interest in spirituality and meditation,i have now discovered it's true,it is an inner eye,now i wonder why we are all born with an inner eye ,some never open or use it,but it's there.x

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I often hear of people saying 'perhaps I'm looking too hard', I always find it's when I'm not looking that I see, the day after Monty, my husband's 22 yr old cockatiel, escaped, I put his cage in the front garden hoping it would entice him back, a friend called and as we were stood there talking, there were no less than 7 butterflies flying through the bars of his cage then the biggest stating my I.have ever seen in the UK. A split second earlier or later and the wonderful sight would have been missed. I knew then that Monty had suffered a heart attack the night before as he circled the house before flying away and dropping into a garden, he was old and missed Alan, it was exactly 2 months to the date of Alan leaving our home for the last time when he was admitted to hospital.

I'm always grateful that signs appear when you're not expecting them, it's like hearing a special song on the radio.the very second you switch it on.

Very comforting too ☆

*dragonfly that should read. Sorry.