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How wonderful cw13. I'm smiling too xx

Absolutely delighted for you, cw13.

Perhaps there is still hope for me - at some point since dear Eileen died In September, I have lost my all-time favourite photo of her, taken in Germany in 1973 when she was still in her twenties.
My fear is that it has accidentally got into some superfluous papers and been thrown away. On the bright side, whilst not completely compensating, I have come across a lot of other photographs during my searches, which have not seen light of day for years.
Strangely, one of these is one that I swear I have never seen before, a fading b/w photo of Bunty, Eileen’s pet rabbit when she was a little girl.

Thank you Edwin. I really hope your photo turns up soon. Ask Saint Anthony to find it for you and be sure to let me know when he does x

Ah yes. St Anthony of Padua.
I’m not Catholic, but when I call in at my village church for my daily visit today, I will invoke him.
Having said that I am not (Roman) Catholic, I suppose that, given where I was born, the first human hands to touch me, the midwife at my birth, must have been a nun of The Sisters of Charity of Our Lady Mother of Mercy.
I was baptized C of E, but when I went to my Godmother’s funeral in December 2011 I was surprised to find that it was a fully RC service and burial, complete with a jokey Irish priest - and very comforting it all was, despite being held on a bleak, stormy day at Blackley Cemetery in Manchester.
Fine by me.

You’ll laugh at this. cw13 recommended that I pray to St Anthony of Padua to intercede, he being the patron of lost or stolen items.
I thought I’d have a shufti in my Calendar of Saints, a fairly well thumbed tome on my bookshelves . . . . and I couldn’t find it !

Ha ha ! St Anthony having a laugh, I suppose. He was a Franciscan, and they are usually a jolly lot, as I recall from part of my childhood spent living near a Franciscan monastery, now a World Heritage site at Gorton, Manchester.
Anyway, I found my book quite quickly once I started laughing at the irony of my plight.

Well Edwin, that’s half the job done. Now we await a positive conclusion...x

I had a strange dream last night. I was kneeling in front of Denise telling her it was just a huge mistake, I was holding her hand and reading from a diary telling her how upset I had been.
If only xx

Yes Stevie, if only. And then, we wake up...and the nightmare continues. Hugs to you

Day #10. I thought nightmares happened whilst we sleep, not whilst we’re awake! God give me strength, PLEASE