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Thinking of you for the funeral you will get through it somehow. I found the anticipation worse than the actual day. As Yorkshire lad I found myself more concerned about my children’s grief than my own.
I also found about a week after the funeral when my children started to return to their everyday lives with my encouragement was the hardest. The first night you come home to an empty house is devastating.
Take all the love and support on the day and you will get through it as we all did.
Take care

Yes the day passes in a flash. The anticipation being worse than the day. But people wrongly think it's some sort of closure, we'll I'm sorry but that's bollocks. I don't think there will ever be closure. I miss Denise as much now as I did 3 months ago. Today probably being the worst day I had. No reason it just happens. Xx wishing you strength and love xx

No closure for me either. I thought there would be. The whole day was surreal. 85 people attended. I just went on to automatic pilot

Not sure what you mean by closure. How does that work.

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Had the same experience William. In fact I felt worse when returning home. So empty.

Lots of people said I would find closure. I think they meant it was the final goodbye. As I said after a couple of day I felt worse

Edwin that all sounds just beautiful. I too have found an energy to do my man proud tomorrow. Every single decision I have made has been completely about what I genuinely believe he would want. Some of them being the more difficult option, but because I believe them to be right, I made them anyway.

Come hell or high water tomorrow we will do him proud. Oh yes we will. And yes, an honour it will certainly be x

Hi everyone. I'm sorry to say but there can never be closure. How can there be?

So kind. Thank you. I’m sorry you have had such a bad time today x

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It's interesting to think what they might have meant. Presumably they were speaking from a totally naive position.
I'm pleased nobody has said that to me.
I think feeling worse is the norm. You've been so strong for so long and then you don't need to be.