Google map - going back in time...

I dont know why I keep torturing myself but I have done a google map our-my old house back where we moved from, and I can travel right up to the front door, I even see my old car and Richards car on the driveway, our hanging baskets front and to the side, our potted planters alongside the driveway wall, the rose bush trellis...where this is now breaking my heart is that I and my Richard and our three dogs may have been inside at the time the google map van was doing its rounds on that day...Oh how I wish we we were all back there safely in doors behind those closed brick walls...Oh such wonderful happier days...If I had not been diagnosed with this MS, we would never have left there, not that this would now bring any of our dogs back nor my Richard..Just I wish-we wish we could go back to our happiest is only natural..


Hello Jackie - I have done this too. It was once that I could see my Husband in the window setting the DVD player. The garden was the the same and his car outside. Then, a few months later I looked again. The photo on the map had been updated and was from after I lost my Husband. That was hard, and a shock. I'd wished I had taken a screenshot but its not what you think of doing in the depths of grief is it.
Please take good care of yourself.I sense you are starting to struggle quite badly. Please forgive the assumption. Things can get very worse very quickly when you feel there's no-one to confide in. I know how this happens and it creeps up o. you. Sending compassionate thoughts.

Hi both, I think it's a need to go back to happier times that makes us do these things. I have done similar but went back much further in my life. For what reason I have no idea. We are searching for some sort of peace, relief from this pain. Anything, just not sure what. Take care Pat xx

It’s very strange but since my wife died in February I have had this tremendously powerful urge to visit South Wales where she was at university. So much so I have been exploring the streets around the village she lived in at the time courtesy of google maps. What’s particularly odd is that we holidayed in Wales in the past and we had a lovely mid week break in Bath a couple of years ago and we had no compunction to visit that particular area even though when in Bath we were only about 50 minutes away over the Severn Bridge? I’ve even walked around the campus and visited the particular street online where her digs were. When doing it I find myself getting very emotional and tearful although paradoxically it can be comforting somehow and a way of trying to connect with her. The visceral pull to jump in the car and go is very strong at times and Im certainly not ruling out going. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that period in her life she was young, vibrant and healthy and all her happy life was ahead of her and it’s a period of her existence I knew very little about.
Take care everyone and best wishes to you all with this very difficult and painful struggle.