Husband died on 23rd June


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Hi Bev, another day have you managed to have a sleep? I went to hospital on my own today, usually Colin would have been with me. I’m not good at going where we both went but today I had no option. I cried like a baby on the coach but you know Bev I don’t care who sees how much I loved him. Have you heard the saying ‘grief is love with nowhere to go’? Perfectly true. Colin went to see his daughter inAustralia on 15 March, she was having her first baby. He was due home on 26 April and died on 20th April so I never saw him again. He was repatriated in a sealed coffin (rules) so I look for him constantly. I have taken to going to a spiritualist church and I find that comforting. I have had 2 messages and it doesn’t matter what my beliefs are it gives me so much hope of seeing him again. I also get some healing while there. Do whatever gets you through. I frequently scream into cushions, shout at the world and cry oceans. I don’t get support from family but have a few wonderful friends. You write when you feel well enough. Love Katie xx

Oh bless you.
I will write soon.

Much love xxx