Tempting the devil or am I strange in some way?


My soul mate, lover, best friend, and wife Anne for 50yrs passed away nearly two months ago. In the early weeks I suffered the uncontrollable 'grief attacks.' that hit you from nowhere and leave you devastated. However more recently I've started to become more comfortable with living alone. The lonelyness of a quiet house is less imposing and I've been able to go fishing again without the dread of coming home to the sweet comments of my darling. "Hello love. Did you catch anything?" I've come to a realisation that Anne is no longer suffering the many years of illness culminating in her eventual passing of pancreatic cancer. Would I wish her back as she was? NO! Would I wish her back totally fit and healthy perhaps only to go through what I've been through with her passing but on that occasion mine? NO! If you research the right places there is overwhelming evidence to show that the death of our physical body is not the end of us. We are spirit by nature. And there is another dimension our soul or spirit travels to when the physical body can no longer function. This has nothing to do do with religeon or spiritualism. It's a fact of nature. After repeated statements to the nurses and doctors in hospital that she wanted to die, my darling eventually took her last breath whilst I was talking to her and saying how much she was loved. After her passing she had a smile on her sweet face. She had found peace. A few hours before this Anne had been sitting up more straight in her bed and had clearly seen 'something or someone.' in her room I and my family could not see. She was mesmarised. Palliative nurses who are prepared to speak will tell you of visitations from deseased love ones visiting the dying to help them on their journey. That's because those patients were able to speak of this before passing into a comotose state. I'm a retired Met Police Officer and so not prone to self delusion but I can say quite categorically I had a visitation from my darling Anne about three days after her passing. (See another post.) Our house is at peace and at this moment so am I. But am I tempting the devil ? ?

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no, you are not tempting a devil. it is beautiful that you have had visitations. I.habe had many of these too.

I've also had proof of my final words to my husband, Alan, at the very moment he passed to the spirit world, I could tell you much more, but many are uncomfortable with this topic.

please take comfort in knowing Anne will always be close by and watching over you


Hi Jen
Please feel free to message me privately. I'm totally open minded about what you and I said in our posts. I agree. Posts on this site regarding this subject for all to see could cause discomfort

Love and Light. Geoff.

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morning Geoff, I'm not too good at present, but shall private message you either later today or tomorrow.

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and that tomorrow will be an improvement on today
Jen ☆

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You know Geoff, I don't see why your comments would cause discomfort. We all have our views and opinions ans mostly we do express them on here. Surely that's what this ite is about. We don't ever know who outr post may reonate with.

As I was saying. we don't know who our posts may resonate with. I often equate life as energy. A law of physics is that energy can't be lost, it goes elsewhere. Look at the spectrum of light and wavelengths. We, with our very limited vision only have very small part of the spectrum available to us. At one end the ultra violet and the other the infra red. But beyond all that are radio waves, all sorts of light waves that we can't see but are revealed in radio and TV.
What's beyond all that? It goes on at either end into infinity. We can't possibly have any concept of how far it goes.
Perhaps there is another world of being beyond what we know and see. We are bundles of energy, so were our loved ones. Thoughts and feelings and love don't die, they move on with the consciousness.
Nothing 'dies' but returns to it's source.
Has anyone looked at the stars in a night sky? The distances involved are beyond our comprehension. Now we see that and, to us, it's a remarkable truth. So why do we not believe in further wonders about spirit?
Because, like the far reaches of the spectrum, we can't see it. We can't 'see' love but we know it's there.
I am not particularly religious, neither am I a spiritualist, but I do have faith in some thing or some force that is beyond our understanding. Call it what you will.
"The peace that passeth all understanding"
Yes, all understanding, but it's there, well, to me it is.

Geoff - I am not sure why you say you are tempting the devil

I also have experiences after Jack died - at some of them I am awake and are few come in a dream

Love is eternal - love doesn't die
We are souls with a body and not the other way around
I have felt Jack's presence in my life since he died 10 months ago.

I still don't like living alone and coming to a house where I know I will be by myself - saying that I also sometimes enjoy my time alone - a bunch of contradictions

Take care
Sadie x

I have also had the most extraordinary signs from my husband. I now know for sure that he is alive in spirit and that gives me great comfort. I think that we are very lucky to receive signs from our loved ones - not everyone does.

Hi Louise, glad you also received signs of your husband - and these signs come at the most unexpected times
Sadie x

No you are not tempting the Devil. I believe the same thing. I lost my Husband on Christmas day 2017, and the my Mum on Jan 23 2018. I went through the same as you, John's loss was sudden, a huge heart attack, the doctor told me that after over 2hours of cpr, he had suffered long term lack of oxygen to his brain and it was only the external machine that was shocking his heart continually that was keeping him technically alive. He confirmed that John had died in our living room right in front of me hours before. I agreed to turn off the machine because even if his heart miraculously restarted, he would be severely brain damaged and he would have hated that. He visited me in the weeks that followed, he even came to me in a dream the night before Mum died, it was as though he was saying, "it's ok, I have come for her, she will be happy now" she slipped into a coma at the same time as I had the dream and I was woken by someone touching my leg. I truly believe they are in a better place and have moved on. I wish you well with your life, I too have adjusted to being without them, I miss them of course, but it is the way it has to be. I still have days when I feel bereft, but they are getting less these days. Take care of yourself and take comfort in her visits x