Tired and can't concentrate since my husband died.


I lost my lovely husband in April this year and I feel tired all the time. When I go to bed, I relive his time in hospital and the final weekend. I also seem to have lost the ability to concentrate on anything, even the telly.
I know its early days, but I just wondered whether anybody else felt this way.

Yes, my hubby died 19/1/19, I relieve different parts of his final weeks on a daily basis
I can’t help it, also not being able to concentrate and being tired is part of the grief process, also I find I can’t remember stuff.Absolutley nothing prepares you for the mental and indeed physical affects on you from grief
You are certainly not alone x

I lost my Harry in April too and like you relive those last precious days together. I also couldn’t concentrate even to watch my favourite soaps but it seems I can manage that now but don’t have any concentration or desire really to watch much else. I still don’t sleep well and today have been diagnosed with urticaria (skin problem) probably as a result of grief and stress. Just another thing to deal with along this awful journey we are all taking. I still take relief that whilst we are all at different stages in our journeys we all share the same struggles which makes me feel I’m not alone x

Thank you Lancashire Lass. Glad to know it's not just me.
Best wishes. x

You are right, although it's truly awful for all of us, it helps knowing there are others who feel the same and understand the pain.
Many thanks for your reply.
Best wishes x

I too lost my partner of almost 20 years this April 11th...

Best wishes Jackie, thank you for your reply. X

My lovely husband also passed away suddenly this year in May. I too am on this awful journey trying to make sense of the past months. You are not alone. This support group helps me no end. So sorry for your loss. Take care. Sandra x

Can't concentrate, cant be bothered, surviving on little sleep. Always waking up early 5 am, going to bed is hard knowing I won't be able to sleep, do all the rituals, read book but it's just words, don't know what the story line is at all. Nobody tells you how hard it really is, I resonate with you all. This grieving is all consuming.

Hi Princess Alice, funny you should write about your urticaria as I have unexplained itches , the last episode was burning and itching on my palms,have had rashes on my arms and chest , all down to grief. No one but no one can tell you how all encompassing bereavement is, physically, mentally ,I can honestly say I feel I am living in a nightmare x