Motor neurone disease


I am living this nightmare now and living this by myself since my Richard died at home sitting in his armchair 11th April, same date I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 11 the April 4 years ago...Yes this is a nasty and horrible disease too...I am now left dealing this illness all by myself...


Forgot to mention, I was diagnosed at age 64, I am now 68, my Richard I lost at age 74...I have probably duplicated my post over and over again, my apologies if I have done so...

I am so sorry to hear of your difficulties and battle. I know how you must feel, I lost Gethin in December and a then got diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a bi lateral mastectomy eight weeks after his passing. It’s hard when there is someone alongside you to support you through illness but on your own it’s very hard but think positive and how proud he would be of your determination to carry on dealing with this. Best wishes. C xx

Ah hun you sound like you are having a struggle of your own to Pete only been diagnosed in March but I’m already anxious about the future :( x